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    Stucco is a material made up of water, aggregates and a binder. Stucco is used on a surface when it is wet, and it hardens into a very compact solid. It is applied as decorating coatings for ceilings and walls and also as an artistic material in the architectural and sculptural field as well. Stucco can be applied to construction materials that are not appealing, these materials include cinder block, metal, concrete, and adobe. 

    According to English, stucco mostly means a coating for the external section of a building, and as a plaster for the interior, as stated below, the material sometimes can be a little different. Notwithstanding, other languages such as the Italian, do not have the specific distinction; stucco means plaster in Italian language and stands for both. This has prompted the use of stucco for interior decorative work

    Advantages of Painting Stucco On Your Home By Our Red Deer Painters

    Stucco is one amongst the foremost well-liked exterior finishes for homes because of it’s low-maintenance and retains it’s stunning look for years once taken care of. Hiring skilled Red Deer painters for your stucco painting will guarantee the following is achieved

    Seals Out Moisture

    After raining, you may observe that your stucco absorbs water perfectly and then becomes darker until it is dried, if stucco is applied, the paint seals the material totally, in order to avoid the penetration of moisture. This makes your color to be maintained, even when it rains.

    You may probably notice water and rusted stains draining in vertical lines mostly below the window frames. Painting stucco hinders and covers up these stains. When stucco painting is carried out by professionals, stains won’t resurface for a very long time on the new surface!.

    Stucco Painting Red Deer Services
    Stucco Painting Red Deer - Red Deer Painters

    Fills Hairline Cracks

    Do you have a lot of cracks in your stucco? This crack can solely become an even bigger downside if not attended to promptly. When your stuck is not painted to fill in these cracks, it forms stucco chunks which escape through the cracks and this will cause you tocarry out expensive repairs.The best way to fill these hairline cracks is by painting over with premium thick paints, as they form a solid film over the cracked areas.

    Does Your Stucco Possess A Lot Of Cracks?

    It is mandatory to notice that our professional Red Deer painters will have to fill up more significant cracks in stucco with masonry patching or exterior caulk before painting. This is because of the porous nature of Stucco, and for the fact that the crack filter has to be flexible, caulking a huge crack won’t fit in properly. But this procedure would enable the crack fit in a lot better and will allow it to look far better with the aid of the paint.

    Stucco Painting Cost
    Red Deer Stucco Painting

    Provides Better Curb Appeal

    The most efficient way to make a stucco standout on the curb is by the addition of fresh coats of paints. Even if you want to sell your house or make it look great after years all you have to do is to apply stucco in order to enhance the look of your exterior walls. An appropriate stucco paint can pass a message to potential buyers, visitors as it is extremely attractive.

    Resists UV Rays

    If you reside in a sunny, hot climate, ultraviolet rays can degrade the quality of your exterior stucco, which could result in cracks in masonry and structural damage as well. Changes in the structural pattern and impairs the working condition of the stucco. Applying paint to your stucco assists in preserving the exterior walls properly and well protected from ultraviolet Rays. Get a free quote from our painting Red Deer expert team and see the differece painting your stucco can make!

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